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Narrator: "Somewhere in Ponyville at night, Twilight Sparkle invited the Young Six at the Castle of Friendship, showing them some new experiments."

Twilight Sparkle: "I wanted to show you all that I'm testing some new experiments!"

Sandbar: "Wow! I can't believe I'm seeing this!"

(Twilight Sparkle levitates a water can, pouring the plants, which starts to grow a little)

Silverstream: "You know what they say, you gotta make those plants grow so that they can have some sun in them. This is what I call good nature! Twilight, you're a genius!"

Twilight Sparkle: "Indeed, I am! I have recently bought these from a garden store because I decided that I would be testing new experiments that have to deal with plants, and the water can was the best choice for me! I'm getting quite use to this!"

Gallus: "Well, someone's doing good with experiments. I just wish the rest of your friends were here to see this."

Yona: "Yona wants to see more experiments! Yona loves experiments!"

Twilight Sparkle: "I will, but maybe another time. It's getting late, and I gotta see my friends at a meeting near Sweet Apple Acres. Just remember not to touch anything, okay?"

Gallus, Ocellus, Sandbar, Silverstream, Smolder, Yona: "Yes, ma'am!

(Smolder grabs a book from the shelf)

Smolder: "Hey, look at this book!" (shows it to her friends)

Silverstream: The book is called "Three Days of Freedom Tourism"."

Gallus: "Didn't you read this book to us already?"

Silverstream: "Hmm, I don't remember anything this book. I thought it was Twilight Sparkle who read this book."

Ocellus: "I'm sure that Twilight Sparkle was the one who read that book to us in class. It just gotta be that."

Silverstream: "Okay, I think that's enough right now. We must stay here and avoid trouble at all costs. Me and Gallus will have a talk somewhere. (to Gallus) Come on, we'll have a talk somewhere."

Gallus: "Sure, if you don't mind."

Ocellus: "As long as we are in the castle, we should try and least have some fun."

Yona: "I say we play tag! That would be a great one!"

Sandbar: "Hmm, nah."

Smolder: "He's right. We should think of something else. A little bit more safer, since Yona would be a little bit unfair to play tag."

Yona: "Yona says we play tag!"

Smolder: "Yona, no!"

Sandbar: "Come on, girls, break it up! No need to get so angry with each other! How about we grab a book and read alone?"

Ocellus, Smolder, and Yona: "Mm-hmm."

Narrator: "Several minutes later, nearly everyone decided to play outside, except for Gallus, who preferred doing things on his own on random occasions. He decides to go check on the potions that have been on the table for hours now."

Gallus: "Well, it seems the others are having fun. Me, on the other hand, is gonna doing something else."

(Gallus flies to the table, looking at the potions)

Gallus: "I really can't help myself, but… (drinks a growth potion) That felt weird. I better catch up with my friends outside."

Silverstream: "I guess we can play tag."

Smolder: "Better on the outside."

(door opens, revealing Gallus)

Yona: "Gallus? I thought you didn't wanna come outside with us?"

Gallus: "I did, however, but then I changed my mind."

Ocellus: "So, you'll be hanging out with us?"

Gallus: "I will."

(Gallus feels an unexpected shake in him, causing him to look nervous)

Silverstream: "Um, Gallus? Are you okay? I feel like something's wrong with you."

Gallus: "Actually, I'm just fine as always."

Yona: "Yona doesn't think the same way as Gallus."

(Gallus, feeling more nervous, starts growing unexpectedly)

Ocellus, Sandbar, Silverstream, Smolder, and Yona: (scream in horror)

Silverstream: "Oh, no. He's gotten huge! Guys, I think we better hurry and find Twilight, now!"

(Silverstream and the others run away from the giant Gallus and find Twilight Sparkle)

Gallus: "Looks like I better get going."

(Gallus stomps off somewhere, causing the ground to shake)

(ponies in Ponyville chatting and talking with each other, then the ground begins to shake)

(Gallus crushes houses with his claws, causing the ponies to fear and panic over his gigantic size)

Gallus: "Now this place is definitely too small for someone my size! I think I'm gonna have with these little ponies!"

(ponies running and panicking, Gallus comes even closer)

Silverstream: (groans) "We gotta hurry up and get Twilight!"

Sandbar: "Look, Sweet Apple Acres!"

(door knocking, and then it opens)

Twilight Sparkle: "Hello?"

Silverstream: "Twilight Sparkle, it's an emergency!"

Twilight Sparkle: "What seems to be the problem?"

Silverstream: "Back at the Castle of Friendship, me and my friends witnessed Gallus growing into a giant, and we started to feel very scared…! Please, you must help us, quickly!"

Twilight Sparkle: "Alright, just settle down. Do you know where he is at right now?"

Silverstream: "I think Ponyville…"

Twilight Sparkle: "If that's where's he at, then we better get moving!"

Mayor Mare: "Stop it this instant! You will not cause anymore damage to this place! I will not allow it!"

Gallus: "And who's gonna make me?" (picks up the mayor with his claws)

Mayor Mare: "P-Put me down, you giant bird! Wait until I get my hands on you!"

Gallus: "Never. I'm just gonna keep you safe in my claws."

(ponies shouting at Gallus, demanding him to drop Mayor Mare)

Twilight Sparkle: "Gallus!"

Gallus: (turns around) "Oh, Twilight, I didn't think you'd be arriving so late. Someone just crash the party too late."

Twilight Sparkle: "I'm not crashing any party and you can let the mayor go, now!"

Gallus: "Alright, I'll let the mayor go."

(Gallus lands down nicely, and carefully removes Mayor Mare from his claws)

Mayor Mare: "Phew, thank you! Glad my favorite pony has came here and save the day!"

Twilight Sparkle: (to Mayor Mare) "You're welcome! (to Gallus) As for you, however, we will be having a talk on your behavior!"

Silverstream: "Well, at least this doesn't involve us. Let's just say we go hang out with Starlight and the others, okay?"

Yona: "I like the sound of that!"

Narrator: "Twilight Sparkle once again has saved Ponyville after Gallus has caused some damage on the houses. As the rest of his friends have been getting a chance to go hang out with the others, Gallus must accept the consequences as Twilight Sparkle was tired of him causing trouble and becoming a giant. With that, he must make a promise that he will never do this in the future."


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Ten years of changes - Celebrated the 10th anniversary of MLP:FiM!
Artist -

The MLP Lover-Fan
Note: Before anyone comments on this image, some dialogue included in a journal I made on deviantart are not included in the description here:

Narrator: "The Young Six have split up. While Sandbar, Smolder, Ocellus, and Yona spend more time reading books, Gallus and Silverstream spend more time in the hallway bringing up a more different topic."

Gallus: "Okay, so do you know one thing between the relationship with you and I?"

Silverstream: "Oh? What's that?"

Gallus: "We get along very well, but I feel like you and I are dating each other."

Silverstream: "Who said you and me are dating each other? There's no way we'd go on a date. I just prefer being friends and that's it."

Gallus: "I feel like friendship means more than anything."

Silverstream: "We've been friends together since the School of Friendship started, and nothing about us have changed."

Gallus: "Okay, I understand."

Silverstream: "I think we should head back and see how the others are doing. I'm sure they want to see us, too."

Gallus: "As you wish."

Smolder: "This is fun! I just love reading books about dragons! Glad that Twilight still has some books about dragons because I'm very interested in books like this one. If only Spike was here, I would show him what I'm reading."

Sandbar: "That's great, though I can't understand why you are so much with stories about dragons."

Smolder: "Just for the fact that the dragons sometimes read as much as ponies. Nothing can change that."

(door opens)

Ocellus: "Oh, where were you?"

Gallus: "Me and Silverstream just back from the hallway after a brief discussion."

Ocellus: "About what?"

Gallus: "I rather not mention it. I don't want anyone knowing this. Somehow, me and Silverstream decided that it would be best not to mention anywhere during the indoors. I feel uncomfortable bringing up stuff inside because I get annoyed sometimes and that others think me and Silverstream's relationship is something else."

Sandbar: "I don't think the relationship between you and Silverstream has changed at all."

Smolder: "Can we please stop talking about this? We can't just keep listening to this all day!"

Sandbar: "I guess she's right. Let's keep doing what we have been doing for minutes."

The reason why the deleted dialogue shown above is not included in the description for this image is due to time constraints.

Edit: When I submitted this on DeviantArt, I had to remove several more dialogue from the description due to the site saying description is limited to 64K.