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Daily Doodle #5
Safety guard.  
because, safety first!
safe1754459 artist:rutkotka264 izzy moonbow3654 pegasus310515 pony1014048 unicorn343853 g58071 my little pony: a new generation2725 spoiler:my little pony: a new generation1776 armor24511 ball4047 comic111633 female1405193 floppy ears54738 guard1364 hoof hold8658 horn78247 horn guard388 horn impalement768 hornball513 izzy's tennis ball642 lightbulb364 male389143 mare503800 open mouth155199 raised hoof48570 royal guard8113 sharp horn109 signature27124 stallion116205 sweat27746 sweatdrops921 tennis ball860 unshorn fetlocks27357


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Who will win the “hilarious in hindsight” tag? Is it possible no one will win it? We will have to wait until six months or so to find out!
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It’s the most likely explanation.
That’s like walking around with a gun out, far as they’re concerned.