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Daily Doodle #5

Safety guard.
because, safety first!
safe1707551 artist:rutkotka238 izzy moonbow1552 pegasus292240 pony968702 unicorn323909 g53169 my little pony: a new generation167 spoiler:my little pony: a new generation121 armor23784 comic109159 female1364178 floppy ears52366 guard1282 hoof hold8312 horn67450 horn guard365 horn impalement692 hornball366 izzy's tennis ball415 lightbulb354 male373116 mare481208 open mouth146077 raised hoof45703 royal guard7775 sharp horn96 signature24837 stallion109003 sweat26379 sweatdrops737 tennis ball613 unshorn fetlocks25541


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