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wait i think im onto smth #mlpg5


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Edible but not food
@Background Pony #C9FE
how many repost of this image?

apparently 15… I thought there was more too.
Background Pony #1DDF
Silly but cute
Oh boi only a screencap and some really short animations introducing her and she's been already my favorite. I really want to see more screens of her soon, hopefully the first trailer.
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💙Glass Sight's Chocopon💙
Izzy Izzy, all the way
If you don't like her
Y̛̛̤͉͚̥̗O̡̦͇̟̫͇̬̞̕Ú͓͇̦̮͎̜̩͟͢ ̦̪̙͜W̷̥I̷̡̝͉͖̼̼L͚̬̳͕̳͝L̵̘̺͚̝̱͔̟̫͟͠ ͏̶̜͈̣͍P̴̧͙̘̻̘̕ͅA̞͕̦͚̫͈̟̫͟Y̨̟̩̼͍̮͘
Background Pony #83B1
It probably is for a single scene where she gets Nerfed by the pegasus guards while in their palace or border post or something. And never happens again. Still adorable.
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Sunny Starscout fan
Honestly, I look forward to seeing how Izzy got that ball lodged on her horn. It would honestly be quite hilarious of all of the meme images of Izzy that have been created since she was first revealed were for a single scene, with her removing the ball from her horn immediately after.

Seriously, artists in the community are acting like that ball is a defining part of her character, with most Izzy pictures featuring that ball on her head.
Background Pony #23C8
I cannot wait to see what her voice and demeanor are like, girl stole my heart with that tennis ball wave.