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safe1677585 artist:thebigbadwolf01343 oc666607 oc:myxine86 changeling46070 fox1389 anthro253929 armor23326 battletech98 breasts269988 changeling oc7244 clothes449254 commission65448 digital art17746 duo58560 duo female9980 female1337297 furry5024 horn62227 looking at each other19401 open mouth140263 shake136 suit5705 tail26160 text58139 vixen71


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Background Pony #2D9B
Rather interesting the changelings are basicaly the clans with what i assume either a fox or wolf from either mercenary group or some other clans in periphery?
Background Pony #FB3B
So this is why the Diamond Sharks changed back to the Sea Fox.

Hmm, changeling? Duplicitous, conniving… must be Budgies.

…Okay, I kid, I kid, Jade Falcon never was that bad. The Star Adders, though… Shifty ones they be. Comes from the Burrock absorption.
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