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safe1678462 artist:inuhoshi-to-darkpen896 izzy moonbow1203 sunny starscout921 earth pony238458 pony941004 unicorn311780 g52401 blushing192893 book32877 bracelet9083 braid5607 cheek fluff5266 chest fluff37634 dialogue63944 duo58650 ear fluff28288 female1337944 floppy ears50795 horn62343 horn guard344 horn impalement649 hornball309 izzy's tennis ball356 jewelry60967 leonine tail8247 long hair4039 mare467388 open mouth140394 scrunchy face7020 sitting61526 speech bubble22558 stifling laughter84 tail26180 tennis ball528 unshorn fetlocks24561


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With sunny star-scout trying to hold her laughter of why Izzy moon-bow has to wear a tennis ball on her horn when those hope a member of the royal guard still is recovering from having a certain unicorn shove her horn you know where.
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Background Pony #E838
Pipp hasn't recovered from the horn stabbing yet, which is why we haven't seen her. So yes. And now you're child safe.
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