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safe1787165 artist:inuhoshi-to-darkpen989 izzy moonbow5784 sunny starscout5261 earth pony281454 pony1098266 unicorn357797 g514242 ball4347 blushing210267 book35317 bracelet10612 braid6554 cheek fluff6361 chest fluff43378 dialogue69996 duo67887 ear fluff33428 female1435494 floppy ears56701 horn84177 horn guard406 horn impalement820 hornball638 izzy's tennis ball841 jewelry72191 leonine tail9580 long hair4618 mare519659 open mouth161890 scrunchy face7336 sitting67642 speech bubble25441 stifling laughter94 tail36456 tennis ball1094 unshorn fetlocks28940


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With sunny star-scout trying to hold her laughter of why Izzy moon-bow has to wear a tennis ball on her horn when those hope a member of the royal guard still is recovering from having a certain unicorn shove her horn you know where.
Background Pony #E838
Pipp hasn’t recovered from the horn stabbing yet, which is why we haven’t seen her. So yes. And now you’re child safe.