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I lied about drawing them poorly.
It kinda took me way too long to do this, but here it is!
safe1750267 artist:kirbirb146 oc711829 oc:artfulcord30 oc:awkward dork34 oc:chase88 oc:lava plume8 oc:letter sent25 oc:nethlarion6 oc:pixel grip21 oc:puppy63 oc:scarlett lane87 oc:snaggletooth58 oc:stardust338 oc:tah'ruk11 oc:writer's block7 bat pony52163 changeling49806 earth pony265839 pegasus309070 unicorn342228 angry28063 bug zapper26 explosion2217 freckles30110 game over221 hat90325 heterochromia5759 party hat2464 poker367 relaxing1517 royal flush15 sleeping23934 sunglasses15041


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