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A ponified scene of Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka (Ep. 10)

The whole thing started off as a submission for FoxInShadow´s art contest, in which you had to draw one (or both) of his oc´s in your style. After looking for a topic, I remembered this specific scene and thought "Heck, why not overdo it and go for an animation instead of a simple picture? I´ve always wanted to try frame-by-frame, let´s see where this takes me." (also because one of his OC´s name is "Coffee Beans", theh).
I managed to get a colorless lineart-version done in time and entered the contest with it (and got a place :D). I liked how the animation turned out and people seemed to enjoy it too, so I decided to finish it a couple of months later (when I had more time for it) and well, here it is! I lost track of how many hours I spent on it, should be at least +50h or something, phew.

Wouldn´t directly call it an animation since every frame is more or less traced, just replaced with ponies. Not really honorable, but it was fun :)

Special thanks goes to izzybrownie (for the useful feedback!) and all the people constantly motivating me/hanging around with me on while I was working on this juggernaut! Thanks a bunch!

Thanks for watching, I hope you enjoyed it!

All the rights for Twilight Sparkle or My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic belong to Hasbro; all the rights for Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka belong to Sentai Filmworks, please support the official shows!
I hope I did this right
safe1675934 artist:ikarooz113 twilight sparkle296626 oc665687 oc:coffee bean84 oc:vienna38 alicorn218603 pony938663 succubus1233 unicorn310948 >.<16 animated97111 anime5256 collar32171 cute195267 ear fluff28162 ear piercing25193 earring20379 female1335955 floppy ears50685 golden oaks library4956 hoofbump1100 is the order a rabbit?1 jewelry60675 mare466171 messy mane7597 piercing39695 smiling240293 sound8490 subtitles1431 trio8753 twilight sparkle (alicorn)122104 webm12729


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Background Pony #894E
For those who don't know the anime reference, the black haired one is character swap of a part-time maid at a "western" coffee shop. The red haired one is a character swap of a part-time maid at an "eastern" tea shop. Thats why they can pronounce "coffee" and "green tea" in perfect English but none of the other words. They hear and use those specific words constantly at work but none of the other words stick.
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Background Pony #D365
We need more art of ponies making the >.< face. It's very cute on them.
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