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safe1688526 artist:mekblue39 izzy moonbow1357 pipp petals840 sunny starscout1033 earth pony242003 pegasus284913 pony950256 unicorn315688 g52782 my little pony: a new adventure144 spoiler:my little pony: a new adventure114 armor23514 book33082 bowl1608 dialogue64452 eyes closed91405 female1346561 floppy ears51373 funny4092 guard1260 guards102 high res26730 horn63949 horn guard355 horn impalement670 hornball341 izzy's tennis ball383 licking19921 looking at each other19711 looking at you165327 looking back56270 male366630 mare472181 open mouth142153 question mark4450 simple background387339 sitting62218 speech bubble22856 stallion106433 stars15314 table9073 tennis ball573 tennis balls5 that pony sure does love tennis balls41 tongue out102096 unamused15939 unshorn fetlocks24856 white background96093


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Background Pony #BCB8
Maybe they're regretting the strange white wings and you're being repainted.