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safe1678189 artist:mekblue38 izzy moonbow1195 pipp petals681 sunny starscout913 earth pony238370 pegasus280925 pony940595 unicorn311705 g52391 my little pony: a new adventure132 spoiler:my little pony: a new adventure109 armor23331 book32872 bowl1587 dialogue63934 eyes closed90254 female1337733 floppy ears50778 funny4067 guard1221 guards102 high res25401 horn62288 horn guard342 horn impalement646 hornball307 izzy's tennis ball356 licking19765 looking at each other19421 looking at you163434 looking back55570 male363156 mare467254 open mouth140349 question mark4407 simple background384153 sitting61510 speech bubble22555 stallion105008 stars15169 table8982 tennis ball528 tennis balls5 that pony sure does love tennis balls35 tongue out101098 unamused15773 unshorn fetlocks24523 white background95302


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Background Pony #BCB8
Maybe they're regretting the strange white wings and you're being repainted.
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