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So I drew the new ponies and Sunny is my favorite, her colors are just so welcoming Anyways, took over a week to complete, pulled an all-nighter for work on Thursday into friday (1pm to 6am, y'all) so I'm still off my sleep cycle from that, tbut hopefully, I'll be back on track because I have another 3 day weekend and I think that will help with catching up ona few Z's.

As always when it comes to Fanart, Hasbro owns these guys
safe1679300 artist:pvrii531 izzy moonbow1234 pipp petals732 sunny starscout953 earth pony238734 pegasus281437 pony941705 unicorn312064 g52475 adorapipp116 braid5615 chest fluff37659 cloud29941 cute195744 ear fluff28310 female1338693 grin37188 izzybetes245 leg fluff2947 mare467780 open mouth140502 raised hoof44361 simple background384529 sky13610 smiling241017 stars15177 sunnybetes125 teeth9273 transparent background198504 unshorn fetlocks24592


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