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So I drew the new ponies and Sunny is my favorite, her colors are just so welcoming full Anyways, took over a week to complete, pulled an all-nighter for work on Thursday into friday (1pm to 6am, y’all) so I’m still off my sleep cycle from that, tbut hopefully, I’ll be back on track because I have another 3 day weekend and I think that will help with catching up ona few Z’s.
As always when it comes to Fanart, Hasbro owns these guys full
safe1784711 artist:pvrii541 izzy moonbow5713 pipp petals3940 sunny starscout5214 earth pony280629 pegasus322796 pony1084733 unicorn356826 g514066 adorapipp407 bag5439 braid6541 chest fluff43200 cloud32910 cute210019 ear fluff33261 female1433405 grin42891 izzybetes899 leg fluff3333 mare518620 open mouth161395 raised hoof50192 satchel384 simple background422306 sky15555 smiling272293 stars16895 sunnybetes551 teeth10954 transparent background214672 unshorn fetlocks28838


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