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G5 but Sunny is a 25 year old NEET and a giant brony
safe1703556 artist:nire112 applejack169636 rainbow dash233636 rarity181585 sunny starscout1145 earth pony247679 pony964901 g53089 angry27163 braid5789 dialogue65389 female1360376 figurine1570 floppy ears52191 high res29091 in-universe pegasister158 looking back57276 neet79 open mouth145239 simple background392435 solo1061980 toy21883 unshorn fetlocks25410 white background97553


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Cheerilee's Waifu
@Background Pony #CF5A
I tend to shower every other day unless otherwise called for (physical work, actual crud, etc).

It's actually very bad for your skin to scrub with soap every day. It contributes to feeling worse in the interim. The same goes for shampooing your hair, you aren't supposed to do it more than two or three times a week (depending on the harshness of your shampoo). Between full sudsing you are meant to just rinse your hair out with hot water.

Your hands and feet on the other hand you have to keep clean all throughout each day.
Background Pony #CF5A
@Background Pony #FFCB
It's a stereotype of geeks i never fully understood because i can stand spending a day without showering. My hair itch and my skin start to get sweaty a mere 24 hours after a shower.If anything, i'm a neat freak when it comes to personal hygiene