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Fun fact, this is actually the canonical reason Brownie never pursued her passion in picking needles out of haystacks that she definitely had all along but forgot to mention
safe1881267 artist:tjpones3489 oc788037 oc only583785 oc:brownie bun1014 earth pony322295 pony1227502 2 panel comic1872 black and white14531 breaking the fourth wall1092 comic118654 drink5618 eating10899 female1519024 food81206 grayscale41930 high blood pressure1 impossibly high blood pressure1 mare567651 monochrome159125 needle763 open mouth179521 simple background464553 solo1197243 white background118168


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Supercompressed water is used industrially to precisely cut metals.  
-> Maybe she could try sculpting (art).
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Go fsck yourself
I remember making a “blood fountain” from my fingertips, when I was a kid. It was from checking my blood sugar: all the finger pricks from lancets, on one particular finger, combined with squeezing WAY too hard to get enough for the meter & test strip to read. Blood would virtually spray out in several directions.
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I’m just going to assume she has the same thing going on Mr. Burns does, where all the thousands of things that could kill her are stuck trying to get through the same door all at once.
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