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safe1750790 artist:heretichesh1233 sweetie belle49730 pony1010743 unicorn342377 armpits43396 bipedal36216 cheer29 cheerleader2846 cheerleader outfit1056 clothes476136 cute205730 diasweetes2987 eyes closed98108 female1402121 filly69638 happy32186 open mouth154447 pom pom1227 simple background409214 skirt41091 solo1094508 uniform11162


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The Double U
Artist -

Moon Flight
@Background Pony #EC84
Creative Freedom from Much of The Canon mostly, meaning it doesn't have too match up entirely with What's in Friendship is Magic.

The AU is pretty much a Universe where Princess Luna was cursed by The Son of King Sombra too become Nightmare Moon. But there are More Differences in The Story too.

The Main Plot involves 6 Strangers trying too join Luna's Royal Guard and Protect Princess Luna from The Return of an Old Enemy. The Main Characters are Moon Flight (My Ponysona,) Gilda, Pipsqueak, Thorax, Princess Luna, and Two OC's that belong to Two Friends of mine. It's Not done yet, but it's on both Fanfiction and FIMfiction if you want too check it out. There is also a 3 Act Structure, and right now I'm on Act 2, and I've been working on This Story for 5 Years.

It's called: The Six Knights of The Night.