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H4H G5
safe1675763 artist:pfeffaroo172 hitch trailblazer284 izzy moonbow1164 pipp petals616 sunny starscout887 earth pony237579 pegasus280088 pony938522 unicorn310904 g52263 abstract background14040 braid5583 clothes448628 female1335836 grin37050 high res25332 hoodie13635 horn61968 horn guard339 horn impalement639 hornball296 izzy's tennis ball343 male362534 mare466121 open mouth140039 sitting61370 smiling240243 stallion104790 sweater14201 teeth9216 tennis ball513 unshorn fetlocks24446


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i am rather hyped for the show
i wish it luck and hope it will get the same love and attention as G4

however, the whole activist thing..sounds like they wanna be woke. But, I hope they don't do what Marvel and DC does to comics.
no non binary trans gay pony who identifies as a male deer
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Background Pony #1D04
For some reason, putting hoodies on ponies almost always looks adorable.
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