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Base / Reference by Raini-Bases

I got this baby off of just-evs and I promised to take good care of him so I gave him tons of trauma
DairyVerse is owned by me and my beautiful girlfriend C-rusha, so in the future if you can't find a reference to a character it might be on her page instead.

Name: Prisma Nova
Nicknames: Prism, Nova, Prismy
Age: TBD
Gender: Transgender male
Species: Alicorn (Horn didn't develop)
Family: Princess Twilight Sparkle (Mother), Rainbow Dash (Father), Atlas (Twin brother), Spectrum Borealis (Little brother)
Relationships: Handy Dandy (Boyfriend)

Twilight sacrificed her alicornhood to save her friends years before Prisma and Atlas were born. This made her an earth pony, and yet she was still made the leader of Equestria. When she finally had children with Dash, what they expected happened- they had pegasi foals. Neither had a horn. Prisma took longer than usual to open his eyes, though, and when he did, they were glowing, oddly coloured and oddly shaped- but it seemed that his vision wasn't impacted at all (other than needing reading glasses, which he would never admit to). He had a small bump and a marking under his hair, which Twi suspected could have something to do with a horn, but really couldn't prove it.
However, it did, but Prisma would never tell his parents that he could perform spells and do some really quite powerful and dangerous magic. In fact, he could rearrange star patterns. Although he got a cutiemark for this- which was very hard to explain away- he still never let on that he could perform magic, because he thought it would get him looked at like a freak- and he didn't want to be looked at like a freak.
He was very much a bully throughout school, because of his own insecurities, and was never a particularly strong flyer. After school, he ran away and went into hiding for a while, before returning as a stallion, and suddenly being cold and distant to everybody rather than outright rude.
The only pony who gets to see anything from him other than a completely stoic face is his boyfriend, Dandy.


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