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The Chariot  
UPRIGHT: Control, willpower, success, action, determination  
REVERSED: Self-discipline, opposition, lack of direction
Apple Bloom here works to design a mechanically-powered chariot. Though the engines oppose one another at the moment, the engineer has the power and force of will necessary to get them moving toward her own desired location.
safe1783802 artist:sixes&sevens531 part of a set14391 apple bloom52056 earth pony280337 pony1083913 apple cart50 braid6534 crossed hooves2073 engine117 female1432604 major arcana87 mountain5533 mountain range644 older28533 older apple bloom2317 outdoors12295 solo1120532 sunset5724 tarot card688 the chariot12 wrench788


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True! Though, to be fair, it’s not as if pony-drawn carriages aren’t canonical.
Also, the standard chariot-bearers tend to be sphinxes, which also required a redesign. Sure, I probably could have just about fit two of them on there, but I don’t think Apple Bloom would be quite visible on that one…