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At first, I couldn't decide when to upload this since tomorrow (March 1) is the second anniversary of the day I posted the first chapter of my highly controversial (yet apparently well-liked: 227/263) fan fiction: Spike's Gambit.

I originally wanted to commission a new piece of cover art for the story… to replace the one created by DrAltruist, aka my first block here on dA. And by that, I mean the first person to block me. Yes, it was her. In fact, I know it was her.

I didn't even do anything. The only thing I can assume that I did was post a status update that included the following question: "Why pay 100 USD for a single character when you can get two or three times that for a fraction of the cost?" She wasn't even WATCHING me, I wasn't singling her out, I didn't even mention her by name, but I can only guess that she saw that post and decided to take it as a personal attack on her. What a sorry excuse for an insult to an insult to .

Also, for those of you who may be wondering why I've been disabling comments on the pieces I commission, it is to try and avoid any and all harassment from nonpersons who feel the compulsive need to shove their nasty and negative opinions down my throat, which I am barely managing to do. Oh, and to the ten of you who voted on my last poll that I should leave… you all can take a flying leap.
safe1675622 artist:thebrokencog877 spike77813 trixie66325 human151660 bow27762 bowtie9832 breasts269542 busty trixie3940 cleavage33671 clothes448544 corset4201 curtains1847 feather5733 female1335688 grin37037 hat84346 holding2994 humanized98686 leotard4471 male362474 necktie6944 older25870 older spike5094 pants14021 shirt24064 smiling240200 socks64641 suit5682 teeth9213 thigh highs34918 top hat4095 wrist cuffs137


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