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With the life span of an alicorn at her hoof tips, Grandma Earthing Elements has the opportunity unlike any other mare of her age. Where many mothers/grandmothers her age might contemplate the possibility of even having enough time to pursue other goals and to enjoy themselves once their charge of raising a child has been largely done, it is hard to consider how to divvy up what time one has left with what they want to do. Makes a mare like Earthing Elements feel all the more grateful about having her new form and self, her component mares in a sense appreciative of the circumstances that although has put them together has granted them a new form of life and new meaning/purpose to fulfill to the many foals and children whom look up to the G-ma as a role model as well as the adult mares and mothers whom look towards her for guidance. Though for the time being the Grandmare is busy occupying herself in private with some rather saucy books. Such that many mare her age are not usually seen reading, however such a deviant she is, it only makes sense that at some point some pony would find the naught old minx messing around with such saucy books..
Made by bella
Check out her furrafinity as well at drabbella

safe2198476 artist:drabella16 cloudy quartz1791 posey shy1834 twilight velvet5579 windy whistles2966 oc960443 oc:earthing elements79 alicorn319604 earth pony515112 ghost4050 pegasus507790 pony1628959 undead6393 unicorn550120 g42054344 50 shades of neigh12 alicorn oc36865 book44271 butt236040 collar48743 commissioner:bigonionbean2576 cutie mark51380 embarrassed15561 extra thicc1376 female1830087 flank2329 fusion7256 fusion:cloudy quartz107 fusion:posey shy84 fusion:twilight velvet111 fusion:windy whistles84 glasses90386 horn204187 magic97987 mare758623 milf13562 parent:cloudy quartz112 parent:posey shy114 parent:twilight velvet159 parent:windy whistles246 plot147325 ponytail27956 shocked10261 shocked expression2225 sweaty butt1015 the ass was fat21369 thought bubble5454 tomb88 wings229842 writer:bigonionbean2226


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