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Original Upload Date: June 24 2011

Backup from my personal archive. If this is already here, it was incredibly hard to find, a reverse search of the image and a browse through Ego's artist tag turned up nothing. Furthermore I can't find the original upload from Deviant Art any longer.
dead source22703 safe1687191 artist:egophiliac2145 spike78207 twilight sparkle298064 dragon55114 pony948845 unicorn315099 artifact1119 book33063 broken glasses170 crying42924 dialogue64364 duo59444 female1345347 glasses60757 golden oaks library4982 male366180 mare471430 open mouth141919 speech bubble22818 teary eyes3971 the twilight zone87 time enough at last (the twilight zone episode)1 unicorn twilight16816


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Background Pony #D630
The best-laid plans of mice and ponies- and Twilight Sparkle, the small mare in the glasses who wanted nothing but time. Twilight Sparkle, now just a part of a smashed landscape, just a piece of the rubble, just a fragment of what ponies have deeded to themselves. Twilight Sparkle, in The Twilight Zone.