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Here's Twilight.EXE from the creepypasta fan game "Twilight.EXE", the main character of the game. She is the evil version of Twilight Sparkle.

She has the same features as her normal version, except her eyes are black and she has red dots for pupils. She has bloodstains on her chest and front hooves.
semi-grimdark29438 artist:pagiepoppie1234583 twilight sparkle296905 alicorn219015 pony940590 .exe88 blood24069 blood on hooves12 blood stains166 creepypasta847 evil2855 evil twilight376 female1337727 red eyes5930 simple background384152 smiling240793 transparent background198307 twilight sparkle (alicorn)122219 twilight sparkle.exe3 vector75773 zalgo615


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