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Here's Applejack.EXE from the creepypasta fan game "Twilight.EXE".

She has greyish-orange fur, her mane and tail are a dull black, her cowgirl hat is a crimson red, her dreadlocks are dripping with blood and her eyes were black and bleeding too, and she has a scared look on her face.
semi-grimdark29780 artist:pagiepoppie1234583 applejack168580 earth pony242845 pony952542 .exe89 applejack's hat7010 applejack.exe4 blood24390 cowboy hat15445 cowgirl574 creepypasta853 crying43072 female1348702 hat85545 looking down8663 sadness182 simple background388091 solo1053491 transparent background200079 vector76244


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