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trying to figure out the new style in the gen5 leaks I’m kind of halfway on the designs? I love them and they’re adorable, but also Illumination vibes? They look nice, but like every 3d film out there
safe1704138 artist:overthemaginot20 screencap221931 izzy moonbow1515 pony965412 unicorn322266 g53103 my little pony: a new generation166 spoiler:my little pony: a new generation120 cute199447 female1360968 horn66880 horn guard364 horn impalement689 hornball365 izzy's tennis ball414 izzybetes299 looking up16426 mare479450 screenshot redraw34 smiling247641 tennis ball610


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Maybe. My first thought was that she playing with it and got it stuck on her horn. But given the theme of the pony tribes not getting along, maybe they did put it on her because she is a unicorn.