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safe1726111 artist:psfmer110 applejack171459 fluttershy214773 pinkie pie218098 rainbow dash236100 rarity183546 sunny starscout1617 twilight sparkle302988 earth pony256227 pegasus299615 pony986395 unicorn331921 g54256 my little pony: a new generation507 spoiler:my little pony: a new generation209 3d78024 bed41558 bedroom10595 book33913 female1380500 figure1250 g5 to g4131 lamp2709 mane six32225 mare490478 scene interpretation8719 source filmmaker47288 that was fast1374 toy22218 unshorn fetlocks26215 wonderbolts3664 wonderbolts poster121


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Background Pony #3096
Prefer G4 style CG animation than what is currently used. At least I didn't say "leave them in traditional art" like some G4 "purist". The design are nice, the background and backstory would be interesting, but it's just the current pony design that is really wrong.

Still let's see where the original Mane 6 are now in this reboot… I already got a feeling of dread….