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WEBM version of the animation, higher quality of >>2558634
safe1728573 hitch trailblazer716 izzy moonbow2084 sunny starscout1722 earth pony257170 pony988776 unicorn332996 g54456 official8319 3d78291 animated99749 cute203079 female1382745 male380770 mare491760 my little pony logo4124 no sound4221 pony history287 spoiler709 stallion112314 webm13803


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Background Pony #C9F9
@Background Pony #819C
True that. Though I can understand the other guy's opinion, I am also a little sick of seeing the same Pony SFM model being used by every SFM creator. That or its the pony-head-on-anthro-body versions, which those freak me out a bit. Modelling aint easy. SFM is easy enough for some people to just use it without weeks of work just on assets, or they just don't have time to learn to model and/or make a model.
Background Pony #819C
@Background Pony #C9F9
You could've been a bit more constructive with your original opinion though. I know 3D isn't everyone's cup of tea, but it's here and it's only getting better with technological improvements evrey year. It's contributed to some of the best-selling and most-loved movies by millions of ppl in the past 10 years.
Background Pony #23DD
Am I the only one who's hoping we will finally have So much better Fanmade models than this SFM garbage?
cuz I frigging am, those look amazing and I hope people will make models inspired by these.
Background Pony #DF0B
I liked this more when it was called "Filly Funtasia." No, wait, I didn't like it then either.
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Keep all hooves, manes, hands, feet, claws, talons, wings, tails, horns, and other extremities inside the train until it has left the station
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@Background Pony #1FB5

Is eastern animation(anime) any different? If anything your description better fits anime with male characters of diverse body types and pencil thin girls with big heads and let's not forget basketballs glued to there chest……
Background Pony #1FB5
Western CGI ends up with a certain sameness to it. The females tend to big heads and eyes and impossibly thin bodies. Males are more varied, but only within typical stereotypes. Of course that's people. A bunch of sentient horses can't follow that mold. Except the eyes and mouth. It will be interesting to see how they handle mobile ears, because that's what gave G4s much of their expression.
Background Pony #D388
This style reminds me so much of Disney or Dreamworks, though surely not up to the animation quality of Pixar.