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safe1750605 izzy moonbow3217 sunny starscout2738 zoom zephyrwing97 earth pony265973 pegasus309196 pony1010626 unicorn342338 g56817 my little pony: a new generation1705 official9240 spoiler:my little pony: a new generation864 art deco33 ball3985 book34504 facebook1183 female1401969 horn77633 horn guard382 horn impalement760 hornball485 it begins263 izzy's tennis ball596 male388069 mare502228 modern art1501 pony history333 stallion115752 tennis ball810


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Background Pony #E2B2
@Background Pony #131E
@Ol' Dreaddy
These character that you’re talking about are not count as dead. They’re still alive. Think back in Transformers G1 or Power Rangers Time Force or something. Especially when we see Nightmare Moon, Daybreaker, the Windigos, the Plunderseeds, some timberwolves/the Giant King Timberwolf, the Timberwolf seen in “Cutie Re-Mark — Part 2”, Midnight Sparkle, King Sombra, The Storm King, several Storm Creatures, Arimaspi, the Mean Six, the Plant Monsters seen in “Friendship Games”, Princess Amore, the Tantabus, a cat, a chubacabra, and some vampiric jackalopes seen in “The Return of Queen Chrysalis”, Sergio the Dragon, the clones of Pinkie Pie, and the Tree of Harmony all died in the G4 Franchise.
Background Pony #E9F3
Wait a minute, …what about all those g5 redesigns of the mane 6? Or where they just never going to be a part of g5, in the first place?