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The Emperor
UPRIGHT: Authority, establishment, structure, a father figure
REVERSED: Domination, excessive control, lack of discipline, inflexibility

The Emperor is a cool, distant figure, often hiding his emotions to maintain his authority and keep control. Here, Rumble wears armor, representing a lack of emotional vulnerability, but the heart on the front demonstrates that he still has his moments of passion.
safe1691411 artist:sixes&sevens508 part of a set11753 rumble3923 armor23540 cloud30352 looking at you165852 major arcana84 male367697 mountain5037 mountain range586 older26315 older rumble127 pride1679 pride flag1256 ram horns101 sitting62410 solo1053896 tarot card657 the emperor23 throne3097 transgender pride flag381 wing hands2029 wing hold374 wings104267


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