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Just something to add Im gonna say Twilight, Celestia, Luna, Cadence and Flurry Heart are probably still alive cause lets be honest Celestia by the start of the show was 10000+ years old and Luna was like 8000 or 9000+ years old pointing to the conclusion that they are indeed immortal since they came from a pure alicorn race.As for Twilight, Cadence and Flurry Im gonna say they have immortality as well and they exist somewhere in the world of equestria with Celestia and Luna and are probably located to Celestia’s and Luna’s homeland of alicorns but thats just my thought on it cause lets be real they cant be dead even if thousands of years pass
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G5 is the world after thousands of years, magic was something strong in ancient times, ponies were so powerful with magic they could build using megalith, Canterlot… (Camelot). some where powerful wise men, wizard like Starswirl ( Merlin) and the Mane 6 and the Alicorn Princesses are LEGENDS.  
nowadays just as in our world, those ancient legends inspire people to search for magic and mental powers, just like an episode of ancient architects, or ancient aliens.  
How the F they built the Crystal Castle ?? may nowadays ponies ask.. and find no answer and pony researchers of ancient artifacts and OOParts theorize that legends existed and had powerful magic.  
Nowadays magic is lost in that case, and maybe the only way to recover that magic is reuniting the pony races in harmony again.
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@Background Pony #1CE0
Bro, i was thinking the same thing for quite a while 😂
Could this possibly be a reason why things didn’t work out in the first place?
i bet someone elected a zigger and things went to hell. and maybe Major Mare went full hillary and fucked up going to war with the griffons or something. LOL
Background Pony #1CE0
Multiculturalism was a mistake. Equestria fell like Roman Empire.  
Time to go back to the golden era
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Those were the old plans for G5. Twilight would have been an earth pony, Pinkie a pegasus, Fluttershy a unicorn. The others the same but with different designs. Rainbow Dash the closest to being the same, Applejack the most different. But they decided not to use those plans and instead have this be a continuation of G4.
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@Background Pony #FCCC  
A while back, I remember a rumor that Twilight Sparkle would be reincarnated as a earth pony. Do you think that Sunny here is that reincarnation? XD
Like she will be the Twilight Sparkle of the group?
Background Pony #FCCC
she must be a big fan of Twilight and the other, she must be like Twilight a smart one and be a real fangirl like Twilight is of Celestia and Star swirl!

The general idea still stands that as time goes by situations also change. Things can’t possibly stay peaceful forever and without supervision it could get worse and worse. Then the tribal divide eventually returns. It also doesn’t mean Twilight failed. Maybe her efforts were in vain but she definitely didn’t fail.
Exactly, the citizens of Equestria should also take some blame for this one.
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is it really surprising when you consider all these tensions were bubbling just beneath the surface. after all in the episode where Tirek, Cozy Glow, and Chrysalis sneak into canterlot to steal some artifact Chrysalis and Cozy glow were able to QUITE EASILY cause a rift between the unicorns and pegasi (if i remember the pony types correctly). so perhaps some corrupt/manipulative ruler came to power after twilight’s reign ended and catalyzed a racial divide for their own political gain much like trump was doing.

Aang didn’t fail as an Avatar because the show’s universe didn’t go back to square one. Even with the conflicts Korra faced, Aang’s accomplishments aren’t voided. The world is still fairly united and at peace.
Twilight failed to keep peace between ponies and other creatures and the show’s universe went back to square one. Her accomplishments ultimately mean nothing. Using the passage of time as an excuse to retcon everything is a lazy plot device.

Gonna use Avatar example again. In Legend of Korra, sometimes chaos still reigns and peace isn’t always restored, but does that mean Aang failed as an Avatar? No. So many new people and incidents happened that Aang couldn’t possibly expect. Things always change through time and nothing will stay the same. There will always be things our heroes cannot control. That doesn’t mean they failed and everything they built is in vain.

@northern haste  
This isn’t the comparison you’re looking for. Twilight was handed responsibility over keeping peace and harmony over the land. By this description, she actively failed as everyone went back to the pre-Equestria times of hating each other and living in separation.

@Background Pony #1707  
This sounds like a Legend of Korra situation where everything the heroes of the previous generation have built so well crumpled because of time and imperfection. It’s up to the newer generation to reawake the peace of the world again.
It is definitely sad to see Equestria regresses back to its species divided age but it’s not like that didn’t happen in the previous gen.