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safe1946787 artist:bbsartboutique1002 applejack186397 fluttershy235862 pinkie pie236745 rainbow dash257238 rarity201264 twilight sparkle330145 fanfic:when the stars sleep1 book38783 building3015 cover art1426 creepy5029 fanfic art16703 glowing eyes13431 glowing horn24780 glowing mouth65 grin51597 horn112708 magic85202 magic aura6317 scared12493 shadow5888 smiling323697 sweat32901


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The Spookiest Mission!  
A normal evening in Ponyville steadily falls into a mystery. The sun has set just like any other day, but the moon never rose to take its place. Even the stars refuse to shine in the sky. With no word from the princesses and most of her friends too busy working to help keep Ponyville functioning, Twilight Sparkle takes it upon herself to get to the bottom of the mystery with a reluctant Fluttershy in tow.
What is causing this phenomenon? And why can’t she shake the feeling of being watched?