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"Its mandatory that I do an image featuring my friend's OC Fleurbelle for Fleurbuary because, well, obvious. But now IronYohi is stuck between 2 different Fleurs. This can only end so well.
Fleurbelle belongs to RioFluttershy"
Also 369th upload under my artist tag. Noice.
safe1654726 artist:supahdonarudo371 fleur-de-lis3515 oc652895 oc:fleurbelle2186 oc:ironyoshi82 alicorn214444 unicorn302161 alicorn oc25157 bow27098 clothes441124 confused4548 heart46194 horn58616 lucky bastard1621 question mark4303 seductive look1208 shirt23473 simple background376162 this will end in snu snu459 transparent background194741 wings96470


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