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This is an idea that Dreamy Orange gave me by comenting on my last artwork :3
safe1659161 artist:ledwine glass17 artist:lewdielewd42 rainbow dash228495 pegasus273513 pony923234 cookie3558 crumbs250 cursed comments1 cute192607 dashabetes8828 food67234 implied anon648 jar1005 oh no275 sketch60829 solo1033585 stuck2500 text56159 the implications are horrible230


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Background Pony #970D
Well, we have to lubricate you with some… liquid to get you out. Hold on. This will take awhile.
Background Pony #9431
Rainbow Dash in a jar images years ago: Aww, who’s stuck in a jar? Dashie’s so cute!!

Rainbow Dash in a jar images now: Oh no…