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safe1690218 artist:lrusu568 twilight sparkle298474 alicorn221403 anthro256622 plantigrade anthro31941 abstract background14314 adorasexy9604 adorkable3522 adorkasexy64 alternate hairstyle27735 blouse564 blushing194854 bow28087 clothes453621 cute197452 dork3791 dress43946 eye clipping through hair5334 eyebrows visible through hair1773 female1348124 floating heart2372 glasses60943 hair bun3283 heart47688 high heels10969 japanese8192 legs8140 looking at you165638 meganekko179 miniskirt4960 pleated skirt4045 pose5787 ribbon7024 round glasses55 school uniform7169 schoolgirl1852 sexy28896 shoes35674 skirt39230 solo1053082 stockings32196 thigh highs35606 thighs13084 twiabetes11623 zettai ryouiki1853


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Background Pony #AC9F
She looks ready for her boyfriend Spike to fall in love with her again and again with her skirt and glasses!
Background Pony #B9EB
School uniform? Check. Zettai ryouiki? Check. Glasses? Check. Horse girl? CHECK!