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safe1654083 artist:inowiseei249 oc652601 oc only431680 oc:cinderheart153 elemental143 elemental pony44 pony918564 unicorn301856 alleyway404 ash149 barrel1556 brick wall417 bricks101 building2365 canterlot5525 chimney285 combat armor59 commission63016 cracks192 crate493 demi-god72 ear fluff26902 embers54 eyebrows2761 female1317733 flowing mane1255 glow4194 glowing eyes10695 glowing hooves90 glowing horn18638 horn58487 lava pony17 mare456340 moon22732 raised hoof42840 smoke2465 snow13496 solo1030256 solo focus16209 sparks210 street722 streetlight301 town393 window8086


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Background Pony #569F
I don't think he should be going outside like that. He might catch a cold.