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safe1659215 artist:lunebat403 edit127864 princess celestia93129 alicorn215330 pony923263 unicorn304185 armor23033 cropped47856 cute192613 cutelestia3493 digital art17001 duo56884 eyes closed88392 feather5624 female1322086 guardsmare579 levitation11629 magic70913 mare458560 nose wrinkle2913 prank1409 royal guard7410 scrunchy face6980 sillestia298 silly7285 sleeping22798 sleeping on the job16 smiling235939 telekinesis26685 tickling4496 trollestia777


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The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

Guard, "ACHOO! Oh my goodness, your highness I'm sorry I must have dosed off."
Celly, "Oh no need to worry, just my way of keeping my guards in line. Better a wee tease from me over a short sharp shock from your commanding officer."
Guard, "Yes your highness sorry your highness it won't happen again your highness!"
Celly, hugs
Guard, blushes "Your highness!"
Celly, "Aww well it's late and you could use one. Take care now and carry on." Kisses on the cheek
Guard, "Yes your highness!" Saluts while blushing
Celly, giggles "aww."