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Hasbro: you know that rip off of our pony franchise?
Well lets rip off the rip off for the next generation.
Hasbro CEO's: great idea, lets go with it.
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Rice pone
I know that. Can't wait to see her work!

You're probably looking at it.

In complex, professional works like animation, you don't have 1 artist doing everything. It's a factory and a lengthy process. Often your concept artists (probably what Imalou is doing) will have more detailed and better-looking art that a production team takes and tries to simplify so it is easy to mass produce.

I'm guessing she was in collaboration for a new look and they figured her style was 3D enough they could build a 3D movie out of it, and 2D enough to easily re-interpret for the show (plus fetlocks). We can see the correlation.

Unfortunately, what Imalou does is so intricately complex and subtle that it doesn't translate very well when you try to oversimplify it because there isn't enough information (i.e. shading/lighting) to help distinguish the mouth shape and jawline from the rest of the face.

It doesn't help that the eyes in the image don't have the full depth of color available so they look kinda like dead fish-eyes with too much black. The smaller eyes also kinda gives off that impression of dull center-lined stares that some people are interpreting as creepy.

Algebroot Neogears
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Science fiction fan
This makes me think of something:

That I have high hopes that the one-out-of-a-billion chance of Hasbro plagiarizing Filly Funtasia doesn't actually happen. Which is kind of an odd stretch for me to think about to begin with, as it's guaranteed Hasbro isn't doing plagiarism (especially considering even with what little we know of the movie's plot; Funtasia doesn't do that type of thing in storytelling).
Algebroot Neogears
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
Friendship, Art, and Magic (2020) - Took part in the 2020 Community Collab
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Science fiction fan
Just so you know, this isn't what Filly Funtasia's 2D art style would look like. At all.

Someone from Filly's fandom apparently learned that Filly Funtasia is also planning on having its own merchandise sometime later this year. The same fandom found previews of it, and I, not knowing what it looks like at the time, saw it out of curiosity. Even though the merchandise art style is 2D, it's still mostly different from G5 (including usage of a more cel shaded look rather than vectors).