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safe1679203 edit129611 edited screencap63429 editor:quoterific1301 screencap218787 twilight sparkle297017 alicorn219222 pony941628 unicorn312034 a canterlot wedding2766 applebuck season853 bats!1713 feeling pinkie keen794 once upon a zeppelin794 over a barrel750 testing testing 1-2-31362 the crystal empire2782 the return of harmony1650 the ticket master946 twilight's kingdom2972 angry26577 eyes closed90347 fire11186 glowing horn19099 golden oaks library4964 gritted teeth11779 horn62434 magic71865 nose in the air1226 open mouth140496 rain5980 rapidash twilight392 royal guard7583 teeth9273 telekinesis27102 twilight sparkle (alicorn)122272 unicorn twilight16631


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