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Storytime with Mom :)

Experimented on a different shading style with this one. Hope it turned out well.
Still need to flesh it out though.
safe1659421 artist:symbianl322 apple bloom48414 applejack165973 pear butter2713 earth pony231723 pony923444 adorabloom2630 bed39366 blanket5127 book32481 cheek fluff5124 chest fluff36555 cute192629 ear fluff27199 family4312 female1322259 filly64020 fluffy13769 jackabetes5696 leg fluff2906 lying down14493 mother and child1995 mother and daughter5661 pearabetes299 pillow17125 prone24730 reading6073 siblings7772 sisters8342 symbianl is trying to murder us30 younger16792


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Background Pony #4EFF
Hrnnnnnngh! I wanna snuggle all of them and nuzzle their floofy little cheeks!