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A remake and re-imagining of >>2148330 with

Original vector sources:

Big Macintosh >>694151
Spike >>2121286
Shining Armor >>1138758
Soarin' >>987958

Cider mugs >>692587
Background >>1416316
safe1681292 artist:chainchomp2 edit168 artist:cloudyglow2142 artist:memnoch887 artist:misteraibo172 artist:porygon2z983 edit129737 big macintosh27960 shining armor22892 soarin'13839 spike78024 oc668789 dragon54754 pegasus282174 pony943356 unicorn312826 animated97355 cider2543 fifteen.ai331 introvert's nightmare16 looking at you163985 male364293 mug4145 pegasus oc9608 restaurant671 root beer26 sound8558 stallion105446 talking to viewer2571 webm12836 winged spike8239


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