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safe1654062 artist:byteslice218 artist:litrojia108 apple bloom48255 earth pony229609 pony918548 .svg available8087 book32351 bow27085 cheek fluff5069 chest fluff36187 collaboration5130 copypasta132 female1317715 filly63645 hair bow14654 implied granny smith41 mare456337 meme80626 raised hoof42840 simple background375910 sitting60018 solo1030244 svg3529 vector74771 white background93171


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Granny: Apple Bloom, does this look like one of those newfandangled magic window in a box doohicky thingamabobs to ya? What are they teaching our young'uns these days?
Background Pony #CCEC
I once caught myself trying to use two fingers to zoom in on an image in a magazine.