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I like Trixie's feet so much I cum through my nose. <3 Yeah, I don't know what happend here. Feet fetish and bondage stuff and Big Znooze Trixie catgirl. I spent to long making this, I think I've gone mad.
Thanks to my friend DeepClover80 for giving me advice on this image ;3
Trixie outfit based on >>2474972
Base used by shinanaevangelian1
Background used

Made in Paint.NET
I no longer accept any requests, sorry
questionable110416 artist:grapefruitface11013 trixie66891 oc674228 oc:grapefruit face156 cat6186 human152936 equestria girls198028 abstract background14303 base used19296 belly button76517 blood24362 bondage33207 breasts273605 canon x oc24663 catgirl336 feet39192 fetish39239 flower bikini15 foot fetish7629 grapexie144 midriff19170 nosebleed2323 pulling686 rope11326 shipping197969 straight134683


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