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safe1768695 artist:xbi798 nightmare moon17341 princess luna101340 alicorn235941 pony1028565 chest fluff42097 cute207867 duality4410 ear fluff32177 fangs27232 female1417519 filly70816 filly luna370 floppy ears55440 foreshadowing198 glowing5263 high res34448 hoof shoes5903 lantern1708 lunabetes3654 mare510415 open mouth157953 raised hoof49288 shadow4502 silhouette2627 sitting66442 smiling266386 sparkles4891 spread wings58108 star wars in the comments2 tabun art-battle finished after73 wings126566 woona5112 younger17920


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Lurking Changeling
BP here is referring to this promotional poster for Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace.  
Here, you see Anakin Skywalker, but the shadow he casts is that of Darth Vader, the man he’d grow up to become.  
Literally “From a boy to the Apprentice of the Galactic Emperor”.