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Taking a break from all the gore, horror and tragedy that befell the story of "The Chaos Within Us" this comic focusses on two lovely little mares undergoing quite a predicament. What awaits little :iconrainbowtashie: and :iconcandyclumsy: in this comic and what kind of entertaining treat are we all in for.

Illustrated and drawn by the amazing :iconprincebluemoon3: and starring the lovely pair of :iconcandyclumsy: and :iconrainbowtashie:

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safe1678582 artist:princebluemoon3691 oc667151 oc:king speedy hooves299 oc:queen galaxia325 oc:rainbow candy27 oc:tommy the human491 alicorn219098 earth pony238499 human151859 pegasus281190 pony941120 comic:sisterly silliness37 alicorn oc25735 black and white12591 blushing192916 blushing profusely1938 canterlot5572 canterlot castle2115 castle1997 child1962 clothes449550 comic107232 commissioner:bigonionbean1889 cutie mark46739 dialogue63948 female1338042 fusion5055 fusion:king speedy hooves300 fusion:queen galaxia272 fusion:rainbow candy24 grayscale37372 horn62351 human oc544 husband and wife1477 male363310 mare467440 monochrome147930 mounting699 shadow4008 stallion105089 throne room1061 traditional art116053 unknown pony163 unknown species82 wings101472 writer:bigonionbean1616


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