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Quick little sketch for a friend: "Derpy behind a desk with a tie, fancy little vest, name badge, and the biggest oblivious grin that's cute enough for retail anon to forgive what she's about to unknowingly do"
safe1653485 artist:taytinabelle106 derpy hooves49275 pegasus271429 pony918036 black and white12435 clothes440845 crayon431 crayon drawing237 cute191787 dress shirt133 ear fluff26887 female1317257 grayscale36887 happy29820 looking at you159232 mare456141 monochrome146651 name tag214 necktie6815 simple background375742 sketch60553 smiling233822 solo1029903 spread wings51683 sweater14025 sweater vest409 traditional art114532 vest3733 white background93140 wings96272


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