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Here we see Nessie forcing the bagpipes onto Ember, the Dutch pony and mascot of Hearth’s Warming Con in Hoofddorp.

Nessie: If everypony practiced the bagpipes for a few hours a week, the world would be a much nicer place. I firmly believe that playing the bagpipes causes a drop in high blood pressure and totally solves world hunger.

Ember: I’m really not sure about this Nessie.. I don’t want to hurt it.

Nessie: Oh don’t worry, there’s more where that came from.. I am not being sponsored by any bagpipe manufacturers or anything, I swear.

Ember: Ok…

Nessie: Tell you what, if you do good, i’ll let you keep that one!

Ember: Oh! Thank you so much, that’s very generous. I don’t have much on me, but here’s some Drop, it’s a Dutch liquorice sweet.

Nessie: Pretty sure those are Pontefract Cakes…

Ember: Same difference!


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