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Uploaded by Background Pony #D4E2
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Artist Desc:
Hi guys!!  
Here is my version of Starlight with her punk / rocker outfit of the videogame made by Gameloft :)  
I know there are 4 different versions of Starlight, but this was my favorite! It reminded me of the gothic version of Fshy that I drew a few months ago hehe xD, but anyway I hope you like the drawing guys!  
This is my contribution to EG fans who would like to see a “human” version of Gameloft’s version :3
suggestive148561 artist:charliexe366 starlight glimmer49867 equestria girls207699 black underwear3899 breasts289369 clothes477038 edgelight glimmer156 female1404880 gameloft4902 gameloft interpretation338 goth2300 legs together975 looking at you176196 one eye closed32663 panties51547 skirt41177 underwear62580 wink25737


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Artist -

rubber Ball
this looks amazing however I can’t help but notice that there’s something up with the positioning of her head she’s facing forward when her head looks like she should be looking back like when you’re turning around to look at someone who’s behind you other than that just as amazing as always