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It seems like curling up and sitting on all those rocks on the ocean floor or in general has given our fused siren snek a rather curvy pair of booty cheeks forming out of her constant sitting on that part of her backside. Add on the fact that she is three siren mares in one and the size of said curves and rounded shape increases threefold. Funny how she never really noticed it until now. Also funny how she failed to notice the camera of Sacer Malum's setup was recording her adorable little dance performance, shaking and dancing with a little glee that both her and her component sirens in a moment of pure bliss and happiness bringing harmony to herself. Only for Sacer Malum like the kniving minx she is to finally allow herself to let out her laughter and thus surprising the siren and revealing to her the live feed that was fed into the camera. The Bug/Moon/Shadow Empress getting a laugh out of the embarrassment of her second in command. The bit donations going through the roof all into the royal changeling treasury to be used for future expansions and other plans our dastardly pair wish to embark on.

Illustrated amazingly by the amazing
suggestive137134 artist:zoarvek149 adagio dazzle12543 aria blaze9514 sonata dusk13172 oc655105 oc:empress sacer malum24 oc:melicus ostium19 changeling45117 changeling queen15107 pony922732 siren2033 angry26111 armor23024 blushing189705 blushing profusely1895 bootylicious88 butt50766 camera shot1178 commissioner:bigonionbean1854 cringing269 crying42157 curved horn6400 embarrassed10939 ethereal mane7418 extra thicc875 fangs23994 female1321532 flank1442 fusion4990 fusion:empress sacer malum24 fusion:melicus ostium19 gem5815 giggling813 hips2620 horn59325 jewelry58934 livestream376 mare458290 panicking262 plot76003 recording1017 regalia18678 shaking1402 shocked6588 shocked expression821 siren gem1714 sitting60312 tail25138 thought bubble3252 writer:bigonionbean1581


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