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suggestive145368 artist:sirmasterdufel867 oc696915 oc only455681 oc:claire154 earth pony256129 pony986070 apron4318 belly28943 belly on floor266 big belly11650 butt62027 butt freckles1967 clothes466728 dialogue66467 fat22347 female1380218 freckles29467 huge belly3739 huge butt10029 large butt17217 looking at you171899 morbidly obese7962 obese11692 open mouth149680 raised hoof47444 simple background400619 smiling254019 smiling at you4592 solo1077265 solo female181379 stomach noise3258 talking to viewer2818 the ass was fat14013


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Background Pony #F5FC
Quadruped fats like this have their own unique thrills, and this is certainly one of them. Just imagining what goes through her mind in this state, fat enough for her belly to firmly press against the ground at all times, yet not quite big enough for that to mean immobility.

Claire here doesn’t look like she really cares that much, but this situation is good for me on someone else, someone who lives every day in fear that it might be the last day they ever move under their own power.