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Commissioned by HexedKaiser

Celestia: "I think you growing quite a bit, Luna."
Luna: "Mmm, maybe, sister. I can't help it."
Celestia: "Not like I'm complaining about it."

Hello! I disapeared for sometime because i got sick (not covid). But now i'm recovering!
New content will be posted really soon. :D

Geek stuff:
Map: black_void.bsp
Bodies from Revamped Community (Celestia and Luna model was retextured and "headhacked"):
Couch and "umbrella" from nexgen group:

An alternative version that was also commissioned with the last poster

suggestive145092 artist:whiteskyline143 princess celestia95654 princess luna99740 alicorn227705 anthro263578 plantigrade anthro33295 3d77713 absolute cleavage3544 anklet941 areola18389 areola slip1930 ass49770 barefoot27883 belly button79118 big breasts83383 bikini18436 breasts281436 busty princess celestia10363 busty princess luna7020 butt61592 cleavage35019 clothes465555 duo62511 duo female11330 feet40505 female1377635 huge breasts38804 huge butt9996 large butt17138 lens flare1811 looking at you171369 looking back58401 looking back at you15182 looking over shoulder3840 milf9725 moonbutt3458 nudity374500 peace sign3000 royal sisters4519 siblings9004 sisters9057 sling bikini1438 smiling253126 source filmmaker47109 sunbutt4100 sunset5452 swimming pool2752 swimsuit28730 wide hips17617 wingless4417 wingless anthro2265


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Artist -

Live It Up
Like when the first version was uploaded, I'm running out of words to tell you except that I loved this version too since it turned out to be even more amazing that my original idea with them.

I just love how they look on those poses and the expressions you gave them, they fit them perfectly and your lighting made this look even better!

Thank you, thank you so much for this amazing commission you also made for me! ;w;