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Just learned how to use a Multiply layer, I guess lighting is a bit too much and their hair still feels rubbery. The sketch was done in January but I was pretty busy back then at school and haven't posted any deviations for a while. I think I am back and won't take another 50 days for the next one uwu
Wood texture used on walls and the door Link
safe1688571 artist:fchelon1 starlight glimmer48121 twilight sparkle298225 alicorn221052 pony950290 unicorn315701 :t3750 behaving like a cat2155 cat teaser7 cute197213 door3919 fangs24767 female1346591 glimmerbetes3795 mouth hold17220 paper crown62 ponies riding roombas43 riding7418 roomba127 s5 starlight1809 scepter1129 sitting62220 twiabetes11606 twilight scepter2031 twilight sparkle (alicorn)122874 vacuum cleaner200


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Yakety Sax plays in background at reduced speed.

Hmmm, I was thinking of that old-timey-wimey chase music. The Two Ronnies used to use it a lot in their drama parodies.