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(Grant Macdonald voice, over a hard rock beat with gay pron audio) Yeah, Trixie open wide girl, swallow all that cum!

Thanks Grant, but all, that aside, this will probably be my last .xxx upload. As much as I enjoy making these, I feel like they're way too lewd for me to keep making and uploading. I also feel I've done all I wanted to do with these explicit uploads. So, this will be the finale. Enjoy <3 Grapexie forever, just not so lewd, crewed and not so rude.
Base used by earth_pony_colds
Cutie mark vector by : godoffury
Background from a screencap.
Made in Paint.NET
I no longer accept any requests, sorry.
explicit346863 artist:earth_pony_colds178 artist:grapefruitface11013 trixie66975 oc675785 oc:grapefruit face157 pony953939 unicorn317255 blowjob31544 canon x oc24726 cock worship2850 duo59850 eyes closed91901 female1349921 grapexie145 male367982 nudity366177 offscreen character33601 oral48312 outdoor sex1713 outdoors10381 penis151874 sex119604 shipping198347 show accurate14513 show accurate porn6834 sitting62440 standing12018 straight134962 sucking1106 trixie's wagon1094


not provided yet


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I'm sorry too disappoint you about me not continuing to do explicit artworks. More slightly suggestive images (Like Magna of Illusion, Your Eyes Are Shining Down On Me and Need Your Loving Tonight) will probably be coming in the future, it's just that extremely sexual and graphic images that include gentlemen's sausages and vaginas and extreme graphic depictions of sex like this one that will be discontinued. Thanks for being a Grapexie fan <3

No one force chu to make lewd pics, I enjoy the ship as a whole.
It would be nice however if every 5th or 10th pic would be still lewd.
Have a nice day and take care of yourself :)